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Smooth Transition

"As a mid- or early-career transition from law to investment banking becomes increasingly challenging, the JD/MBA provides a natural path for students to pursue a career in investment banking while developing the skill set inherent in rigorous legal training." — Max Rakhlin, JD/MBA '09

Both Law and Fuqua offer robust career services to assist you in finding the right job. Your career goals — law or business focused — may influence your decision on whether to start at Fuqua after your first year of law school (business career focus) or after your second  year of law school (law career focus).


The Law School holds on-campus interviews, or "OCIs." For first-year law students, the OCIs occur during the spring, while the OCIs for 2nd- and 3rd-year students begin before the fall semester. During the search process, Duke Law organizes a few days where firms come to Durham to interview candidates. The interested firms typically invite students back for second-round interviews, at which point a decision is made on an offer. The majority of law students receive their internship offers through this process, often culminating with full-time employment offer at the end of the internship.

Conversely, Fuqua's on-campus networking and recruiting events occur as early as October each year, but the majority of first-year MBA degree students do not interview for their summer internships until the spring semester. In many instances, networking, combined with a student's qualifications, determine whether a student is invited for an interview (referred to as the "closed list"). Candidates usually then go through two rounds of interviews before an offer is given.

In the business school, some students receive their offers off-campus; and, unlike law school, many students choose to work full-time for a different company than the one they interned with over the summer.

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