Duke - The Fuqua School of Business

Costs and Financial Aid

As an MEM/MBA or MF/MBA student, you pay a blended tuition rate for the joint program. It is slightly higher than the Nicholas School tuition and lower than Fuqua's tuition. You pay the special combined tuition every semester regardless of where courses are taken.

If you apply to and enroll in both programs simultaneously, you will pay the blended tuition rate from the outset. If you start at one school and later add the second degree, you will have a one-time tuition adjustment applied in your first semester of the joint degree program.

Financial Aid and Merit Scholarships

MEM/MBA and MF/MBA students are eligible for financial aid and merit-based scholarships at both Fuqua and the Nicholas School.

Domestic student financial aid for your joint degree program is initially processed at the school where you begin your course of study. For example, if your first year is at the Nicholas School, they will process your financial aid for the first year of the joint degree program. Fuqua will then process your aid for the second year, and Nicholas will process aid for the last year of study.

International students who wish to borrow through the no-cosigner international student loan program will be able to borrow only Fuqua's share of the blended tuition and living expenses.

Each school makes scholarship decisions independently, and any scholarships awarded from Fuqua will be given in the 2nd and 3rd years reducing any borrowing eligibility.

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