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Dual Advantage

"I think there's incredible value in coupling these degrees if you think you'll likely work in the private sector (like me). It gives you the MBA and all its benefits while also specializing in a specific field and demonstrating your seriousness in that area. The MBA will give you a business-skills advantage over the MPPs while the MPP degree will be the edge over all the other generic MBAs by showing you're seriously committed to your specific field." — Cameron Davis, MBA/MPP '11

Those who work in public policy are often challenged to find a way to more efficiently or cost-effectively deliver equitable solutions. While it's possible to develop such solutions without an MBA, having the business fundamentals and the ability to tap into a global business network are of incredible value. Duke MPP/MBA students leave their three-year program prepared to solve the world's most pressing problems with a two-pronged approach that delivers the most efficient, equitable—and thus effective—solutions.

Why Duke MPP/MBA?

Unlike many MPP/MBA degree programs, Duke's is not split between Duke's campus in Durham and a satellite campus. Here, students move seamlessly between both a top business school (Fuqua) and policy school (the Sanford School) for a more cohesive experience. At the same time, Duke's global approach affords students the unique opportunity of studying the impact of public policy and private business decisions on international communities via Fuqua's embedded international presence and the Sanford School's international experience programs.

Fuqua's strong emphasis on social entrepreneurship is a natural fit for MPP students interested in starting or running socially responsible enterprises. Many Duke MPP/MBA graduates opt to run nonprofits, while others work to lead global NGOs or companies in highly regulated industries such as energy and finance.

Note: MPP/MBA students are fully enrolled at both schools and have the same support and resources as any other MPP or MBA student.

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