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MPP/MBA degree program is a 3-year interdisciplinary program that leverages the faculty and resources of Sanford and Fuqua. Students spend their first year studying at the Sanford School, their second year at Fuqua, then split the last year between the two schools. The Sanford School and Fuqua are in close proximity to one another making it easy to bridge the gap between both programs. 

  • MPP/MBA students typically begin at the Sanford school. Their second year is then¬†essentially the first year at Fuqua, which includes core MBA classes as well as electives of the student's choosing. The third year is split between the two schools. You must work on a Master's thesis through the Sanford School and finish your elective credits at Fuqua.

  • Sanford and Fuqua: World-Class Faculty
  • MBA Concentrations

    You will have the option to complete up to two concentrations at Fuqua. More information is available here.

    Sanford International Programs

    • Summer in Geneva: The Program on Global Policy and Governance in Geneva prepares tomorrow's leaders to work through the policy and institutional issues at the heart of global governance. Through meaningful summer internships at organizations such as the United Nations and the World Bank, and intensive, one-week courses, you have unparalleled access to global institutions with opportunities for career advancement and the ability to focus on the present international system and its potential for future growth and change. The Sanford School helps to fund your travel expenses and connect you with internships.
    • International Master's Thesis: Working in conjunction with a Sanford School professor, you can opt to do an internationally focused master's thesis project. The Sanford School helps to fund research for such projects.
  • Fuqua courses are usually held on a Monday/Thursday or Tuesday/Friday schedule, while the Sanford School's courses are usually held on a Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday schedule. Students taking classes at both schools must pay close attention to course meeting times to prevent any scheduling conflicts. It is also important to realize that Sanford and Fuqua are on different academic calendars, as well as different semester schedules (Fuqua semesters are divided into two "terms" each). When scheduling a semester-long Sanford School course, you need to look at both of Fuqua's terms so that there will not be a conflict.

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