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Camping in K-Ville

2,000 graduate students participated in Campout for 36 hours hoping to get season tickets for Duke Basketball. Read about this rite-of-passage experience.

Where old meets innovation and nature meets man—you're at the center of it all. The Duke campus rests within the serenity of the Duke Forest, a living ecological laboratory and refuge for a variety of plant and animal species, and Fuqua is located in the heart of Duke's West Campus.

Life on this beautiful campus is unique. Brimming with a diverse culture that includes students, faculty, staff, and their families, there is a strong sense of camaraderie here. From the time you set foot on campus, you will be embraced as part of "Team Fuqua."

There are more than 600 university student groups in addition to the Daytime MBA-specific clubs, and you're just a five-minute walk to the legendary Cameron Indoor Stadium—hallowed ground for Duke Basketball fans.

Our community values collaboration and rallies behind your success. Our culture was built on the idea that people can accomplish more together than alone. It's what makes us one of the finest business schools in the world, and what will make you one of the best in your chosen field.

If you come to Durham with a partner or family, they too, will be embraced and will have opportunities to get involved and make connections through various family-oriented activities and through the Fuqua Partners organization.

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