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Life for Married B-School Students

Joe and Jackie Mancini experienced Fuqua together, as a married couple. View a Businessweek slideshow to get a glimpse into their experience. Hear more from Jackie about how she got to Durham.

For roughly 30% of incoming MBA degree students, attending Fuqua is a joint or family decision. Fuqua prides itself on providing extensive resources for you and feels it's equally important to do the same for your partner. 

Our volunteer organization, Fuqua Partners, supports partners and families as they transition to life in Durham.  Its purpose is to help partners make a life for themselves while students tackle the daily demands of an MBA. Upon arriving in Durham, Fuqua Partners offers a month-long orientation with daily events. As everyone starts to settle in and acclimate to the area, the activities taper down to weekly lunches, bi-monthly field trips, free weekly movies (summer months), meet-ups at local coffee shops, and a host of other activities. 

Find out more of what Fuqua Partners has to offer:

Roughly 250-300 of our full-time MBA students come to Fuqua with a significant other and social programs are a great way to get to know other partners. 

    • Fuqua Fridays: Families are encouraged to come to our long-standing end-of-the-week party, called "Fuqua Fridays." There are free activities, food, and drinks for both adults and children.
    • Field Trips: Twice a month, Fuqua Partners coordinate field trips to kid-friendly places such as the NC Museum of Life and Science, Marbles Kids Museum, and local parks.
    • Exercise Excursions: Families are invited to hike together on the Al Buehler Trail that winds through the forest around the Washington Duke Inn and Golf Club.
    • Quick Breaks: Families meet at favorite Durham spots such as Local Yogurt, Locopops and Fullsteam Brewery, which is family- and dog-friendly.
    • Out to Lunch: Fuqua Partners hosts weekly lunches at Durham eateries.
    • Running Club: Run with Full Steam Brewery's Full Steam Ahead Run Club. All paces and distances welcome.
    • Taste of Carolina Food Tour: Sample food and beverage while being introduced to the culinary scene in Durham.
    • Nightlife: There's wine by the pool, happy hour at Brightleaf Square and an '80s theme party, to name a few events.
  • International partners especially benefit from getting involved in Fuqua Partners, given that they are transitioning to a new culture and country. Specific international activities include:

    • English as a Second Language (ESL): Fuqua Partners offers both intermediate and advanced ESL classes on campus. This well-received program meets 3 times a week at Fuqua and costs a nominal fee. 
    • Lunch Around the World: Attend a variety of traditional meals prepared by international partners and get to know their culture.
    • Coffee Groups: Fuqua partners who speak different languages get together to practice their language skills.
    • Bi-lingual Experience: When registering for an event, Fuqua Partners lets international participants know if someone who speaks their language will be attending.  

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