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Incoming Student Website

Once you are admitted, you will have access to an Incoming Student Website and a class Facebook page where you'll have an opportunity to connect with future classmates, share "moving-to-Durham" information and find roommates.

Find your place at Fuqua. Housing options are plentiful in the Durham area, but there is limited graduate student housing on Duke's campus, so MBA students typically secure off-campus housing. Off-campus housing is available to help you find accommodations and roommates off campus, but below is also a listing of popular apartment complexes:

Please secure housing before you arrive.

Relocation Expenses

The Durham-Chapel Hill-Raleigh area is touted as one of the best places to live in the country in part due to the affordable standard of living. But, you should expect your living expenses for the first month to exceed the average due to start-up costs. Below are estimates of some of these costs, though this list is not complete and represents only estimates of charges. Expenses will vary considerably.

Airport Taxi $35-40
Hotel (one night) $70-150
Car rental (one week) $175-250
First month's rent $400-1200
Deposit for apartment (refundable) $400-1200 (usually 1 month's rent)
Deposit for electricity (refundable) $100-250 (Duke Energy)
Furniture $200-1,000+
Household Supplies $200+


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