Duke - The Fuqua School of Business

Why Fuqua?

Because with an MBA degree, any perspective other than 360° is shortsighted. Because how you conduct business matters to everyone, not just to shareholders. Because the shortcuts of the past have compromised the credibility of institutions and their leaders, and because disruption is the norm. Why Duke's Daytime MBA degree program? Because the world needs a new generation of professionals. The world needs leaders of consequence.

Leaders Who Demonstrate Competence, Character, and Purpose

At Fuqua, you are the future of business. We're dedicated to molding multi-dimensional, technically-competent thinkers and doers who can maneuver the complexity of an interdependent global economy—professionals who companies and organizations need in order to be successful.  

But, technical know-how and business savvy are not adequate aspirations for a Duke MBA student. You must also possess the moral compass to both "get along" and "get it right" to guide organizations toward a collective good for ALL stakeholders—others, the organization, the community, and the world.

Attributes of Consequential Leaders

We seek to attract, develop, and graduate leaders who manifest or represent the following attributes:

Leadership AttributeDescription
AccountabilityAccepting responsibility for your words and actions in an atmosphere of mutual respect.
AuthenticityIdentifying the ideals that define you — and learning how to live them.
CharacterRefining the qualities that will shape your impact on the world.
CollaborativeDiscovering an exponential gain that far exceeds the number of heads and hands involved.
CommitmentContinuing to steer when others abandon ship.
CommunicationLearning the difference between simply relaying your thoughts and relating them in a meaningful way.
CommunityCreating a culture of mutual benefit with like-minded people.
CourageTaking action in the presence of fear.
CreativityUsing imagination and persistence to develop original ideas.
CredibilityGaining the trust of those around you by staying true to your word.
EmpathyGrowing your ability to see things through the perspective of others, gaining understanding and insight that leads to better outcomes.
EntrepreneurialGetting the knowledge and skills you need to take the leap that will bring your business idea to life.
ExcellenceStriving for greatness in everything you do — within a community that shares the same high standards.
ExpertiseInvesting in the study, training, skills and experiences it takes to excel in the field or discipline you pursue.
Global MindsetSeeing the opportunities in cultural and geographic diversity.
HonestyChampioning the facts, even at personal risk.
Honor Learning how your ability to keep your word and respect your commitments can have long-lasting ramifications in your career.
HumilityMastering the ability to accept praise and criticism — with grace.
ImpactSeeing how action guided by long-term thinking can have a positive effect on the people and situations around you, both now and in the future.
InitiativeTaking ownership to sharpen your leadership skills.
InnovationTurning the way it used to be into the way it ought to be.
IntegrityStaying true to your values — even when it's simpler not to.
LeadingDiscovering that leadership is not about a title.
LegacyCreating something of value that inspires others, even when you aren't around.
ListeningLearning to hear the meaning behind the message.
LoyaltyFinding the people you can stand up for — and the ones who will stand up for you.
MindfulnessBecoming more aware of how your actions affect others.
MotivationLetting what drives you drive change.
Open MindednessPreparing to adopt successful practices and good ideas wherever they come from.
PassionPursuing the things that energize and inspire you.
PerspectiveDeveloping a true understanding of the relative importance of things.
PurposeUncovering the mix of background, passions, and personality that make you uniquely suited for what lies ahead.
ReflectionMaking better decisions for the future by considering the past.
ResilienceLearning how to rebound after a setback without losing sight of your goal.
ResponsibilityExperiencing the growth that occurs when others depend on you.
ServiceUsing your skills and knowledge to benefit others.
StrategistGaining advantage over competitors and exploiting emerging possibilities.
TeamExperiencing the rewards of bringing people together with complementary skills, and leveraging those skills to achieve a shared goal.
TransparencyNarrowing the trust gap by widening disclosure.
TrustBuilding relationships with a community you can rely on - now and in the future.