For Executives


Executives are invited to connect with EDGE:

  • Learn.  EDGE brings leading academics and practitioners to campus to speak in events open to the public. Email us to join the EDGE mailing list to learn about upcoming events and read about our research activities. Executives seeking world-class training may also choose to concentrate in Energy & Environment in the Duke Weekend Executive MBA program or participate in custom executive programs through Duke Corporate Education.
  • Recruit on campus. EDGE is training the next generation of business leaders for careers that integrate energy and environmental concerns with business strategy and managerial decision-making. Contact us to learn more about opportunities to recruit for internships and full-time positions from among graduate MBA at The Fuqua School of Business.
  • Engage graduate students on projects. Graduate MBA students are eager to work with companies on real-world energy industry and corporate sustainabiltiy projects during the academic year. Contact us to discuss opportunities to engage student help.
  • Sponsor programs or events. The annual Duke MBA Energy Conference, Energy Industry Fundamentals Workshop, and Sustainable Business & Social Impact Conference are high-visibility opportunities for corporate recognition. Contact us to learn more about sponsorship opportunities.
  • Propose joint research projects. EDGE collaborates on cutting-edge research projects with leading companies that are actively pursuing a sustainable business agenda. Contact us to discuss collaborative research projects.