For Researchers

Dan Vermeer

Current Fuqua faculty research includes the following topics:

Carbon markets, disclosure, and transparency
Yonca Ertimur, Jennifer Francis, Leslie Marx, Katherine Schipper
Decision making about efficiency and the environment
Paul Bloom, Aaron Kay, Rick Larrick, Jack Soll, Kim Wade-Benzoni

Electricity markets, regulation, and politics
Kira Fabrizio, Peng Sun, Bennet Zelner

Environmental aspects of supply chain analysis
Gurhan Kok, Pranab Majumder, Kevin Shang, Jeannette Song, Paul Zipkin

Validity and impact of corporate sustainability ratings
Paul Bloom, Aaron Chatterji
Valuation methods for energy and environment policy
Bob Clemen, Joel Huber, Jim Smith

Faculty and other researchers are invited to:

  • Connect with ongoing academic research at Duke's Fuqua School of Business
  • Participate in applied sustainability research projects coordinated by the Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions
  • Share recent publications
  • Advise students in mentored study projects related to energy, environment and sustainability