Experiential Learning

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One of the best ways Duke MBA students can build skills, industry knowledge and relationships to excel in careers in energy and environment is to engage directly with companies on real-world projects while a student. We know the importance of opening the doors to these opportunities for students and we believe that the chance to work on applied projects is one of the things that sets Duke's program apart from other business schools.

Experiential learning opportunities in energy and environment include:

  • Fuqua Client Consulting Practicum projects. Students work in teams on projects for global clients. Recent examples: ABB, GE, Allliance to Save Energy.
  • Fuqua On Board. Students gain leadership expertise by serving on the board of local nonprofit organizations. Recent examples: Eno River Association, Clean Energy Durham.
  • Duke Startup Challenge, Energy & Environment Track. Students pitch new new business venture ideas and business plans.
  • Duke Program for Entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurial students launch real energy and environment businesses in the Duke Program for Entrepreneurs. 
  • Research projects. EDGE actively works to connect students with E&E industry companies for research assignments and class projects during the year. Recent examples: The Nature Conservancy, The Sustainability Consortium, Claremont Creek Ventures, Clean Pacific Ventures.