Leading EDGE Seminar

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"Smart Grid"
March 23, 2011, 3:00-7:00 pm


The electricity grid is the world's largest machine, enabling the transmission of electricity from various sources to power all aspects of modern life.  However, the grid system that has evolved over the last century is facing real stresses - growing demand, aging infrastructure, new technology, and demand for cleaner energy sources are all pushing the existing system to its limits.


To deal with these challenges, many argue that we need a "smarter" grid, evolving the existing electrical system to use data for improving grid performance, enable communication across all system components, and allow automated control.  Many smart grid efforts also involve a more active role for end users in energy management, through smart metering, demand management, setting preferences, etc.


This Leading EDGE seminar will investigate the current state of smart grid efforts, the value propositions underlying these initiatives, and the companies and strategies that are driving its evolution.


Opening Speaker:


  • Gary Rackliffe, Vice President, Smart Grids North America - ABB
  • Allan Schurr, Vice President, Strategy & Development - Global Energy and Utilities Industry - IBM 
  • Rob Caldwell, Vice President, Efficiency & Innovative Technology - Progress Energy
  • Pete Curtice, Senior Director, Client Solutions - OPOWER
  • Dalia Patino Echeverri, Assistant Professor of Energy Systems and Public Policy, Nicholas School of the Environment, Duke University, moderator