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"Stakeholder Engagement & Sustainability Reporting in Practice"
February 16, 2011, 3:00-7:00 pm


The prevalence of sustainability reporting is growing and has converged around the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the world's most widely used framework. The objective of this seminar is to offer participants greater insight into the world of reporting, drivers, trends, and common challenges faced by reporting organizations. Skilled trainers will provide an overview of sustainability reporting in practice and interactive exercises that allow students to explore stakeholder engagement and "materiality", two core components of the GRI framework. No prerequisites are required--just a general understanding of GRI and sustainability/CSR Reporting. 

About the Speakers


This seminar will be kicked off by Mehrdad Nazari , Senior ESIA & CSR Advisor of Prizma LLC . He contributes to impact assessment for large scale capital projects and supports companies with their sustainability reporting efforts. Previously, Mehrdad headed CSR Research at CoreRatings, London (now DNV/RiskMetrics), advising SRI/asset manager; served as Principal Environmental Specialist at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, London, appraising and monitoring an investment portfolio exceeding $2 billion in high risk sectors in the CIS; and Project Manager and Environmental, Health & Safety Auditor with Dames & Moore Germany (now URS), an engineering and environmental consulting group. Mehrdad was a Fulbright grantee (Germany to US) and is a Fellow of Rockefeller Foundation's Leadership for Environment and Development (LEAD) program.

Following Mehrdad's presentation, Nancy Mancilla and Alexandru Georgescu of the ISOS Group , a GRI Training Partner, will lead the interactive elements of this seminar that is focused on stakeholder engagement and materiality assessment. Ms. Mancilla is the CEO of the ISOS Group and conducts business development, training, and coordinates and integrates sustainability concepts into value-added practices for businesses, communities and governments. Prior to founding the ISOS Group, Nancy worked to assist Winrock International in developing their sustainability services and led numerous micro-economic development projects related biodiversity, agronomics and renewable energy. She also served on the Little Rock City Mayor's Sustainability Commission, Arkansas Clean Cities Coalition and the Arkansas Biofuels Alliance. Nancy was also a Fulbright grantee (US to Germany). Mr. Georgescu is the CFO of the ISOS Group and in charge of enhancing business performance, managing ISOS Group's financial operations and implementing/supervising internal controls. Alexandru gained his broad managerial experience in financial modeling and investment analysis, as well as in providing guidance to businesses and individuals for making investment decisions. Alexandru's diverse background including Financial and Quantitative Analysis, Auditing and Assurance, Sustainable Development, Corporate Marketing and Product Management working with Fortune 100 companies, such as ABN Amro, Dell, Microsoft, BP, Staples, Continental Tire and Lightspeed International. Alexandru started his career as a Market Analyst in the Investment Banking Industry in the US focused on IT developments and their applications in the sustainability industry.



This seminar is limited to MBA and Master of Environmental Management students at Duke and enrollment is capped at 30. Registration will be opened on February 8, 2011.

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