Frequently Asked Questions


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Fuqua School of Business

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Before Graduation

How and when do I receive my graduation announcements and invitations? 

Each graduating student will be mailed 10 graduation announcements and 10 graduation invitations for the Saturday graduation ceremony which can be shared with your family and friends. The announcements and invitations will be mailed in the spring.

How many guests may I invite? 

There is no limit on the number of guests that you are allowed to bring to the Saturday and Sunday graduation ceremonies and receptions. However, students are required to indicate the number of guests for each event on the graduation survey that will be sent to all students. This enables the Executive MBA Programs Office to prepare adequately for space layout, seating, and food.

There are no tickets for either graduation ceremony. Seating is first-come, first-serve unless otherwise reserved.

Graduation Day

Can children participate in the graduation day activities?  

Children are welcome to attend the graduation ceremonies and receptions. We encourage you to bring the entire family and understand that children are an important part of this celebration. If you have a young child or children, please make sure an adult other than yourself is able to supervise them while you participate in the class photo, line up, and ceremony.

Where should I park? 

Due to construction in the Whitford parking lot, not only VIPS and those who have requested special accommodations will be able to park in that lot. Students and guests should park in the 751 or Chemistry Parking Lots. Please visit the General Information page for more detailed information about the lot location and obtaining a special accomodation parking pass.

When do I get my diploma? 

Cross Continent and Weekend Executive students received their diplomas in the mail prior to the graduation ceremonies.

Global Executive students will be able to pick up thier diplomas in the Fox Student Center once the Duke-wide ceremony concludes on Sunday, May 11 at 12 pm. Students are not able to pick up their diploma until their degree has been conferred by Duke University. This does not occur for Global Executive students until the Duke-wide graduation ceremony on Sunday. Cross Continent and Weekend Executive students had their degrees conferred already as their programs concluded in December.

Students who do not pick up their diploma during graduation weekend will have it shipped via FedEx. The diploma should arrive several weeks after the May graduation ceremonies. Please make sure your preferred mailing address is up-to-date in ACES so the diploma is shipped to the correct address.

After Graduation

Will I still have access to the buildings? 

After graduation you will be permitted to have access to Fuqua with an Alumni Card. You must go to the Duke Card Office during normal business hours to have a new picture made and to obtain your "free" Alumni Card. All students wishing to obtain an alumni card must inform the BMO (919-660-7733) who in turn will write to the Duke Card Office approving and assigning the appropriate building access.

Will I still have access to the library and its resources? 

Please visit the library's webpage for recent graduates for what resources you still have access to after graduation.

How do I pay any remaining balance still due? 

If you have a balance due at the Bursar's Office, you will need to be pay it as soon as possible or your diploma and transcript will be held.

The Bursar's website has information on payment options.

What happens to my network access? 
Please see the special section for graduating students in the Technical Support Center Online for answers to your network and file access questions.