Frequently Asked Questions


Duke University's
Fuqua School of Business

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Durham, NC 27708-0120 USA

Before Graduation

How and when do I receive my graduation announcements and invitations? 

During the elective term in Durham, Cross Continent and Weekend Executive students were given the opportunity to pick up graduation invitations to share with family and friends. The invitations are for the Saturday graduation ceremony and have your specific program's information.

You can also share an electronic graduation announcement and/or invitation with family and friends. Here are the links to share:

How many guests may I invite? 

There is no limit on the number of guests that you are allowed to bring to the Saturday ceremony and reception. However, students are required to indicate the number of guests attending on the graduation survey that will be sent to all students. This enables the Executive MBA Programs Office to prepare adequately for space layout, seating, and food. Tickets are not required for the Executive MBA Programs graduation ceremony. Seating is first-come, first-serve unless otherwise reserved.

There is no limit on the number of guests you are allowed to bring to the Sunday ceremony at Wallace Wade Stadium. Tickets are not required and seating is first-come, first-serve unless otherwise reserved.

Graduation Day

Can children participate in the graduation day activities?  

Children are welcome to attend the graduation ceremonies and reception. We encourage you to bring the entire family and understand that children are an important part of this celebration. If you have a young child or children, please make sure an adult other than yourself is able to supervise them while you participate in the class photo, line-up, and ceremony.

Where should I park? 

Please see the General Information tab for parking information.

When do I get my diploma? 

Cross Continent and Weekend Executive students received their diplomas in the mail prior to the graduation ceremonies.


What do I do with my graduation gown, hood and cap? 

All graduation apparel belongs to the student and does not need to be returned. Students participating in the Duke Commencement ceremony on Sunday should keep track of their apparel on Saturday, as replacements will not be available. If you do not wish to keep all of your graduation apparel, the Net Impact Club will have bins available at Fuqua on Saturday where you can donate unwanted items.

After Graduation

Will I still have access to the buildings? 

After graduation you will be permitted to have access to Fuqua with an Alumni Card. You must go to the Duke Card Office during normal business hours to have a new picture made and to obtain your free Alumni Card. All students wishing to obtain an alumni card must inform the BMO (919-660-7733) who in turn will write to the Duke Card Office approving and assigning the appropriate building access.

Will I still have access to the library and its resources? 

Please visit the library's webpage for recent graduates for what resources you still have access to after graduation. You will need to enter your NetID and password to access the site.

How do I pay any remaining balance still due? 

If you have a balance due at the Bursar's Office, you will need to be pay it as soon as possible or your diploma and transcript will be held.

The Bursar's website has information on payment options.

What happens to my network access? 

Please see the special section for graduating students in the Technical Support Center Online for answers to your network and file access questions. While most information is applicable, please note the website will be updated at a later date for students participating in the May 2017 graduation.