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To Do List

Reserve Lodging for Yourself and Guests 

If you have not already done so, you and your guests should make hotel reservations now!

A listing of
local hotels is provided for your convenience. You can also visit the Durham Convention and Visitors Bureau for additional area information and lodging options.

Share Graduation Invitations and Announcements to Family and Friends 

During the elective term in Durham, Cross Continent and Weekend Executive students were given the opportunity to pick up graduation announcements and invitations to share with family and friends. The announcements and invitations are for the Saturday graduation ceremony and have your specific program's information. Global Executive students will receive the opportunity to pick up graduation announcements and invitations during the Term 4 residency in Panama.

You can also share an electronic graduation announcement and/or invitation with family and friends. Here are the links to share:

Complete Graduation Attendance Survey and Request for Special Accommodations 

You will be sent a graduation attendance survey to fill out in March. It is critical you complete this survey as it enables the Executive MBA Programs Office to plan accordingly for the graduation day festivities.

Part of the graduation attendance survey asks if you or any of your guests need special accommodations in regard to parking or seating. Please pay special attention to this section as you are completing the survey so we can make sure we are prepared for you and your guests.

Pick Up Graduation Apparel 

On Friday, May 13 Cross Continent and Weekend Executive students will need to go to the front circle of the Fuqua School of Business (from Fuqua Drive) between 12pm and 7 pm to pick up their graduation apparel. If you are unable to pick up your apparel during this time period, please have a classmate pick it up for you or you can pick up your apparel on Saturday morning starting at 7:30am outside of Cameron. Friday afternoon pick-up is strongly encouraged. Global Executive students will have their apparel distributed during the Term 5 residency. The staff members handing out the caps and gowns will show you how the hood is to be worn, as it can be a bit tricky!

Arrive Early for Class Photo (if applicable) and Line Up 

Weekend Executive students will have their class photo taken at Cameron Indoor Stadium at 8:00 am on Saturday, May 14. Cross Continent students will have their class photo taken at Cameron Indoor Stadium at 8:15 am on Saturday, May 14. Students should come dressed in their apparel or allow time to put their apparel on before the class photos. Global Executive students will have their class photo on Friday, May 13 at The Fuqua School of Business.

All students should gather at the Cameron Indoor Stadium Hall of Honor by 8:25 am on Saturday, May 14 for formal lineup for the graduation ceremony.

Pick Up Your Diploma  

Cross Continent and Weekend Executive students will receive their diplomas in the mail prior to the graduation ceremonies.

Global Executive students will be given more information during the Term 5 residency on where to pick up their diplomas.

Review Recent Graduates Website 

Fuqua's Development and Alumni Relations team has developed a website to assist recent graduates in their transition to becoming alumni. The website serves as a resource for graduates of all programs at Fuqua, so please note some information may not apply.

Order Class Ring (Optional) 

Students have the opportunity to order a class ring through Jostens.