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Before Graduation

What are the MMS degree requirements? 

Graduation Credit Requirements for the MMS Program

  • Successful completion of all 15 courses (no courses may be failed; only one LP allowed)
  • A GPA of at least a 3.0
  • Total credits earned can be found on ACES Web.
How many guests may I invite? 

There is no limit on the number of guests that you are allowed to bring to, nor are tickets required for the MMS graduation and reception and Duke University-wide graduation and Fuqua reception. 

As a Visa holder, what documentation is available to help my family members and guests who are coming to the United States for graduation weekend? 

Students wishing to supply additional supporting documentation for their family’s Visa application, you can download the ‘Confirmation of Status’ form from the Duke University Visa Services website.

Once Part I is completed, bring the form to Steve or Miranda to fill out Part 2. Finally, bring the form to Duke Visa Services to complete Part 3.

Graduation Day

When and where do I pick up my diploma? 

Graduates will be able to pick up their diplomas on Sunday in the Fox Student Center once the Duke-wide ceremony concludes at 12pm.  Diplomas will be arranged alphabetically by program at the tables near the Donor Wall. 

Graduates are encouraged to have their guests join them as a champagne brunch reception is available. 

After Graduation

Will I still have access to the buildings or parking lots? 

After graduation you will be permitted to have access to Fuqua with an Alumni Card.  You must go to the Duke Card Office to obtain your "free" Alumni Card.  You will need to go to the office during normal business hours as you will need to have a new picture made.  All students wishing to obtain an alumni card must inform the BMO [919-660-7733] who in turn will write to the Duke Card Office approving and assigning the appropriate building access.

Parking access should last until your permit expires; this date is printed on your actual permit.

Will I still have access to the library and its resources? 

You will have access to library books and DVDs for one year after graduation but you need to get a new borrowers card as your Fuqua ID expires on July 31st. 

For more information on access to specific databases, see the Library's secure page on Library Database Access for Recent Graduates (NetID login and password required to view).

The Ford Library also offers several databases and a variety of services to alumni on an ongoing basis. Visit The Ford Library Alumni Web for more information.

How long am I covered on my Duke Student Medical Insurance? 

If you enrolled in the Duke Student Medical Insurance Plan, you are covered until July 31st.

Note: Immediately after graduation, your Student Health Fee expires.  This health fee enabled you to have access to services at the Duke Student Health Center during the school year as a full-time student.  After graduation, you must see a private doctor as you are no longer able to access to the Student Health Center; your health insurance will help cover the cost of the private doctor.

What happens if I have some money left on my Flex Card? 
Any balance remaining on your student flex card will be returned to your Bursar's account. 
If you have no outstanding balance at the Bursar’s Office, a refund will be mailed to you at the address you entered in ACES.
How long can I keep stuff in my locker? 
Please remember to empty your lockers by May 27th; after this date we will begin the annual locker reassignment so anything left in the lockers will be discarded.  

We appreciate your cooperation!
How do I pay my balance due? 

If you have a balance due at the bursar's office that will need to be paid off as soon as possible or your diploma and transcript will be held.

The Bursar's website has information on payment options.

Will I still have access to the gym? 
Summer gym memberships may be purchased from the Duke Card Office for a fee.
What happens to my network access? 
Please see the special section for graduating students in the Technical Support Center Online for answers to your network and file access questions.