Duke - The Fuqua School of Business

International Locations

To remain true to our mission and produce global leaders of consequence, we must rethink traditional geographic and intellectual boundaries. The world we live in is multi-centric, globally interdependent, and dynamic—yet challenging. Standard frameworks and assumptions may be slow to adapt, but they must.   
To play our part in addressing tomorrow's business challenges, we've become the world's first legitimately global business school, based in the economic and cultural hubs of world regions. These cities are in the countries that write their region's rules and set its cultural tone:

By embedding within these vital regions, we will be able to examine the world's opportunities and problems, explore the interdependencies between economies, form hypotheses and ideas about how best to address world issues, devise strategies to exploit opportunities, and prepare practitioners to be the change agents and informed leaders the world needs.

Our strategy also includes engaging with the leading firms in the world to redefine business education in a way that brings together learners, corporations, government entities, and other organizations. Together, we can devise creative strategies to address the most urgent global problems. 

As an educational institution with no vested interest other than academic and practical pursuit of problem-solving, The Fuqua School of Business is uniquely poised to be an effective facilitator of this multidisciplinary convergence. As a school, we will be at the crux of where solutions to important problems are found. As educators, we will prepare a new generation of globalists to help shape and lead business of the 21st century.