Duke - The Fuqua School of Business


With an MQM degree, you'll be the rare talent that possesses what companies need. You'll be the data analyst who can link customer experience to company value. You'll have the insights to develop hypotheses, glean data from customer surveys, and identify the value in improving customer satisfaction. You'll have the skills to bridge the gap between analytics and business.

Industry Insight

"In digital marketing, data analytic skills are paramount. Whether you are an account manager analyzing a customer’s marketing campaign or an engineer evaluating the performance of a recent product launch—or anyone in between—the ability to analyze and meaningfully interpret large amounts of data is critical."

— Chris LaSala, Director, New Products & Solutions, Publisher Business Group, Google


Your curriculum will focus in 3 areas:

  • Technical: learn the tools that facilitate parsing data in a business context
  • Functional: gain analytical expertise in a specific industry or function 
  • Critical Thinking and Communication: know the right questions to ask and how to present insightful solutions

Your academics will target actual problems, leverage interdisciplinary perspectives, and be structured around the concept of the "Data to Design" cycle. 

Final Capstone Project

You're at Fuqua to get some real-world experience, so in the last term you'll engage in a team-based project that puts you in a simulated business environment. You'll learn there is equal importance between the strength of your analysis and clearly communicating your results. The project will set you up to strategize with your team, use your quantitative skills to solve business problems, and collaborate on your final presentation.