Duke - The Fuqua School of Business

Optional Certificate of Research

In select situations, students will find additional education, such as a Ph.D., is required and/or advantageous for their career goals. To prepare these students for the rigor of these programs, we offer the ability to apply for a Certificate of Research to further the MQM degree. If selected for the Certificate, the MQM program is extended over the summer and by 2 terms into the next fall. Candidates will be selected based on their likelihood for success and interest in their advanced career/research paths. Applications must be submitted by February 1, in Term 4 (Spring 1).

Certificate of Research Requirements

The Certificate of Research is a personalized offering that meets the specific research/career development needs of interested students. If selected, you will complete a Capstone Project, where you will work with a faculty member on your individual research agenda while also completing an additional MQM elective. In pursuing the certificate you will do your Capstone Project in the additional Fall Term.

Students interested in the Certificate of Research must submit a Certificate Plan for approval by February 1 (Term 4) which details the proposed scope of your Certificate requirements, including your research agenda and faculty sponsor.