Duke - The Fuqua School of Business

International Students

We understand the unique needs of international students in the career process. The Career Management Center (CMC) will work closely with you to identify your employment challenges and your unique value proposition, so together we can focus on the strategy and resources you need to find a great job.

Work Authorization and STEM Designation

International students may be eligible for an internship or employment upon completion of the MQM program. MQM is a STEM-designated (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) program and gives international students who meet certain requirements the opportunity to work in the United States for a total of 3 years (24 months of STEM OPT extension beyond the regular 12 month OPT). Learn more about the OPT extension for STEM students. Beyond the OPT period, you will need a company to sponsor you for a work-based visa, most typically the H-1B visa. For more information on the H-1B application process, visit the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services website.

As a student, your U.S. visa status determines whether you are eligible for work on-campus during the 10-month program, but most student visas restrict or prohibit working off-campus during the program.

Immigration Attorney Workshop

As an MQM international student, you are expected to attend our Immigration Attorney Workshop presented by experienced immigration attorneys. They will furnish key facts and processes that you should consider when conducting a job search. Information includes common ways to acquire U.S. work authorization upon graduation, company sponsorship for a U.S. internship, H-1B visa costs, Green Cards, and more.

Domestic & International Opportunities

The CMC helps you navigate the hiring landscape and position yourself as a candidate in the field you choose, either in the U.S. or internationally. Whether you are seeking international or U.S. positions, much of your success will be contingent on your management of the process and your ability to capitalize on all your available resources.