Duke - The Fuqua School of Business


Consider our network a part of your ROI equation. The Fuqua community will be a great source of information and offer valuable connections. Our graduates work globally and in all functions and industries, so by joining our 19,000+ alumni, you get access to people who work in your field or may even work for the company you wish to target. Our alumni are among the most supportive of any business school and are here to help, not only in your job search but on the job and beyond.


Your classmates' knowledge and experience will add another level to your education. They may have similar quantitative skills, but many will have come from different academic or professional fields, or even different geographic locations. This diversity will encourage more innovative thinking and prove that the more perspectives you encounter today, the more insights you'll be able to use in solving tomorrow's business problems.


Our faculty are the best in the world and the same professors that teach our MBA program will be instructing you in your MQM courses. Known for their extensive research and their accessibility to students, they will gladly share their experiences and insights, and as you get to know them, you will begin to think of them as mentors and friends.


Fuqua alumni have both functional breadth and industry depth and continue to make a difference in their organizations. Connect with alumni early in your program. Unlike some schools that give you access to their directory upon graduation, we give it to you as soon as you start your program.

Duke University

Graduate into an elite network. Duke University has more than 148,000 alumni all over the world and as a graduate you will automatically become a member of the Duke Alumni Association (DAA) and benefit from all of the programs and services it offers.

Board of Visitors

Our Board of Visitors (BOV) contributes to the school's success, and ultimately to yours. BOV members advise Fuqua on matters related to curriculum, programs, facilities, and operations. This team of nearly 70 members promotes better communication and relationships with the global business community.

Regional Advisory Board

Fuqua has also built a network of Regional Advisory Boards who work with Fuqua faculty and staff in their home regions to provide industry insights, cultural perspectives, and expand career opportunities by connecting the school with local companies and government agencies. 

We have Regional Advisory Boards in: