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Why MQM?

Why Data Analytics?

Every industry is being flooded with analytics. Gathering, structuring, and analyzing relevant data to generate meaningful insights is a critical business need. Professionals who can identify the opportunities hidden in data and communicate them effectively are a rare combination.

Employment Outlook

Studies estimate by 2020 the world will generate 50 times more data than it did in 2011, yet demand for analytics professionals far outweighs the current supply. A report by the McKinsey Global Institute states that "by 2018 the United States alone could face a shortage of 140,000 to 190,000 people with deep analytical skills."


With heavy competition for qualified professionals, wages are climbing for people who can understand, interpret and apply relevant data, and a recent GMAC survey shows more than half of companies in a wide range of sectors plan to hire recent business graduates to fill data analytics positions.

Bottom line: if you have these skills, you're in hot demand.

Why Duke's Master of Quantitative Management?

The decision-making environment is complex. Success requires well-trained individuals who can make sense of the data, understand business context, collaborate and communicate. 

Fuqua excels not just in developing technical expertise, but in developing a student holistically to be able to move his or her team forward through collaboration. We develop graduates with the analytical skills, communication skills, and mindset to be highly impactful within their companies. Our curriculum is unique in that respect.  

Soft Skills

Being able to define the problem, know your audience, and deliver a clear and concise message are as critical for a data analysis role as any analytical technique you'll learn. In addition to providing a deep understanding of the tools and frameworks in your focus area, the MQM program teaches you to:

  • Think outside the box with enhanced problem-solving methods
  • Sell insights at all levels of the organization by focusing on your communication skills
  • Move your team forward by learning collaboration in our team-based environment

Data Analysis and Track-Specific Courses

The MQM program provides a core foundation in data analysis that's applicable to any industry. In addition, you will also focus on specific issues in an industry domain by selecting a curriculum track. Your track studies will allow you to delve deeper into specific areas. For example, you might choose to develop proficiency in:

  • Reading financial reports to determine fraud
  • Using analytic tools to improve efficiency of pricing in order to maximize revenue
  • Understanding data in relation to supply chain and risk management
  • Using real data analysis and quantitative modeling to analyze financial risk

Each MQM student will take one track from the following areas:

  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Forensics
  • Strategy

Regardless of the track you choose, you will also have the option of taking electives in any of the tracks.

Faculty Expertise

Fuqua's faculty are at the top of their fields, with research agendas that span analytical and empirical modeling, behavioral finance, production and distribution, asset pricing, consumer behavior, and the use of information in evaluating managerial and firm performance. Our professors will challenge you to understand the opportunities hidden in data and develop analyses within a broader context, for example you might:

  • Look at projections to determine a successful new product-development program 
  • Analyze a company's portfolio as it relates to growth and profitability
  • Determine savings and greater efficiency through process improvements in manufacturing, global sourcing, and inventory management

STEM Designation

MQM is a STEM-designated program giving international students a total of 36 months to gain work experience in the U.S.