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Market Your Organization

The Fuqua Career Management Center will work with each company to determine an effective strategy for your recruiting needs. Along with the standard events listed below, we can work with you on customizing your visit to meet your needs. Contact your Sector Manager to discuss your recruiting goals and how we can help you achieve them.

MBA Recruiting Forums

Recruiting Forums are multi-company recruiting events offering individual company presentations and networking opportunities. Each company has a designated time to present to a group of students in a dedicated room. The event culminates in a reception for students and employers.

Corporate Presentations

The traditional Corporate Presentation format is available to companies that customarily attract significant numbers of students through their events, interviews, and job offers. Corporate presentations include a formal presentation with a Q&A and a networking reception. Companies are allotted 75 minutes for these events.

Other Recruiting Events

Networking Nights provide an atmosphere that enables company representatives and students to reconnect at a critical time during the recruiting season. Hosting company office hours or sponsoring student events provides additional visibility for your company and will augment your formal recruiting activity. Office hours, facilitated through the CMC, provide more informal opportunities for students to speak with company representatives in a small group setting. Sponsoring student club activities offers the chance to interact with students who have strong interest in the functional, industry, or geographic area that aligns with your recruiting needs. Employers can provide sponsorship through an investment of time and/or money.

Attend a Career Fair or Interview Forum 

The CMC participates in a variety of multi-company and multi-school recruiting events. Many of these events help recruiters find the right talent at the right time, and in a convenient location; often helping to minimize travel costs in the process.

Leverage Alumni and Summer Interns

Our alumni are often employers' strongest advocates, and summer interns can add to an employer's campus presence and act as company emissaries.


In support of green recruiting, flyers promoting company recruiting events or hiring needs cannot be distributed to students. Please work with your Corporate Account Manager to identify the most appropriate opportunities to promote your events.

Green Recruiting

To reduce the environmental impact of recruiting, Fuqua restricts the use of corporate give-away items. We believe there are other, more environmentally friendly ways to make each organization memorable.