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In support of Fuqua's focus on sustainable business practices, the green recruiting policy calls for campus recruiting events to be giveaway-free.


  • Emphasize interactions between employers and students as the focus of the recruiting process
  • Reduce cost, fuel use, effort, and waste associated with the packaging, shipping, storing, and distribution of company giveaway items
  • Spotlight environmental issues among key Fuqua stakeholders, including students, alumni, recruiters, and staff
  • Enhance service quality by streamlining Fuqua operations to host employer recruiting events


Recruiter Perspective
A common practice at recruiting events is for employers to give away company logo merchandise, such as coffee mugs, key chains, or notepads, to all participating students. Consumer product companies frequently distribute gift bags filled with their products. Both are visible ways to demonstrate commitment to Duke MBA recruiting and to showcase the company and/or its products. Yet packaging, shipping, and distribution, which are necessary to make the giveaways possible, consume natural resources and create waste when extra products are left after the event.

Student Perspective
Recruiting events span the fall semester and bring more than 150 companies to Fuqua's campus each year. By seeking both an internship and full-time position over two seasons, Duke MBA students accrue a significant inventory of giveaways. While appreciated and nice to have, these items are secondary in students' eyes to the higher objectives of the recruiting process. Students consistently tell us that the products ultimately do not influence their job choices and are often given to others or are discarded.

To achieve our desired objectives, the cooperation of all Duke MBA recruiting companies and representatives is essential. Together we can simultaneously enhance the recruiting process and reduce environmental impact, yet our aims fall short if individuals or organizations act outside these protocols.

Policy Overview

Employers are prohibited from distributing giveaway items to all students attending corporate presentations, office hours, or career expo exhibits. This policy includes logo merchandise and company products, and applies to any employer conducting school-facilitated recruiting on Fuqua's campus or at nearby locations such as the Washington Duke Inn & Golf Club.

Recruiter Branding Opportunities

We support company efforts to build brand awareness among Fuqua students. Recruiters may pursue one or more of the following options to achieve maximum visibility during recruiting events:

  • Employer Summaries: Fuqua's Career Management Center (CMC) will produce employer summaries in advance of each event. The communication will highlight important details about each company's recruiting process and eliminates the need for large quantities of corporate printed materials to be shipped to Fuqua. A company may choose to bring a limited quantity of program brochures, job descriptions, or other publications as long as those documents offer significant perspective beyond the standard information.
  • Support Fuqua Causes: In lieu of giveaways, an employer may make a donation to selected causes supported by the Fuqua student community. All employer donations will be recognized by the CMC. (More details below in the Supporting Fuqua Causes section.) 
  • Additional Corporate Representatives: Students would appreciate, in lieu of company giveaways, the presence of an extra corporate representative at the Fuqua recruiting event. More interaction could then occur between recruiters and students.
  • Raffles: Employers may raffle off a small number of prize items to student participants. The offerings should directly showcase the company's products or services.
  • Coupons: Certificates or coupons for company products or services may be distributed to student participants.
  • Display: Companies may set up a display representing their brands, products, and/or services, as part of their recruiting event, and can ship necessary materials to Fuqua for that purpose. After the activity is over, any giveaway items that were part of the display may be left for students or donated to the Duke MBA Games. The quantity of display materials should not be sufficient to distribute to all student participants, and the display must fit within appropriate event space parameters.

Supporting Fuqua Causes

In lieu of giveaways, an employer may donate to one of the three selected causes (listed below) that are supported by the Fuqua student community. Sponsorship levels will be recognized by the CMC at the following levels:

  • Silver: Up to $299
  • Gold: From $300 to $499
  • Platinum: Over $500

Case Summer Internship Program
The Center for the Advancement of Social Entrepreneurship (CASE) Summer Internship Program enables first-year Daytime MBA students to learn about the rewards and challenges of social sector management without making a significant financial sacrifice. In addition, the program enables organizations that otherwise could not afford to hire MBA student interns to benefit from students' expertise in areas such as finance, management consulting, strategic planning, and marketing.

Each year, the program raises money from corporate donors and current Fuqua students through a number of campaigns (one of which is Give-A-Day, where students can opt to donate the equivalent of one day of their summer salary to help their classmates). This money is awarded to students interning in the social sector to supplement the often below-market salaries offered by non-profit and government agencies.

Duke MBA Games
The Duke MBA Games is a student-run organization that raises more than $100,000 annually for the Special Olympics of North Carolina. Donating to the Duke MBA Games gives a firm exposure to the entire Fuqua community, as the organization engages students, faculty, and alumni by hosting fun and meaningful events throughout the year.

Fundraising efforts culminate in April when Fuqua hosts MBA Games Weekend. This event features more than 175 students from 20 top US and international MBA programs who compete alongside Special Olympians. The MBA Games embodies Fuqua's spirit of giving, and any contributions are welcome; every donation no matter how big or small gets us closer to our goal of raising money and awareness for such a worthy cause.

The House That Fuqua Built
The House That Fuqua Built is a service partnership between the Duke MBA Association and Habitat for Humanity of Durham. In addition to providing a member of the Durham community an affordable housing option, this partnership offers a unique opportunity to facilitate team-building and encourage collaborative leadership and corporate citizenship among Fuqua students and across the Fuqua community.

How to Donate
To make a donation, either by check or credit card, please email the information requested below to your CMC Corporate Account Manager. We will forward the message to the appropriate Duke MBA contact on your behalf, who will contact you to complete the transaction.

  • Your name
  • Your title, phone number, mailing address and email address
  • Your company's name
  • Name of the student organization you wish to support
  • Indicate the donation reason as "In support of green recruiting at the Duke MBA"
  • Amount of sponsorship (up to $299 = silver; $300 to $499 = gold; over $500 = platinum)

If the donation is received at least one week in advance of your company's fall recruiting event, we will recognize your generous support in event marketing and pre-materials, in addition to end-of-term recognition in The Fuqua Times, the Duke MBA student newspaper.

Sponsorship received after the one-week advance date will be recognized at the end of Fall Term 1 or Fall Term 2, depending upon the date of your company's recruiting event, in the student newspaper.