Business is booming, and you have 10 months to get ready. Beginning in August and running through mid-May, our Master of Management Studies: Duke Kunshan University (MMS: DKU) program is organized into 5 terms. You will take 2 - 4 courses in each term. We give you all the time you need to firmly grasp the information.


There are 15 courses in the MMS: DKU program. All classes are conducted in English. Typically, classes are 135 minutes long and meet two times a week. Longer class periods mean more time for simulations, discussion, and innovative thinking. The MMS: DKU course structure is designed to immerse you in business as quickly as possible, but we never sacrifice substance. Our program is streamlined to help you achieve your career ambitions quickly. The MMS: DKU program gives you the tools, framework, and vocabularies needed to enter the world of business. With an extensive curriculum, we develop your ability to merge your previous knowledge with a strong foundation of business in order to analyze and create solutions to complex problems.

Quantitatively rigorous courses expand your analytical skills and enhance your ability to draw meaningful conclusions from data. Other courses force you to rethink the boundaries of business by challenging you to make intellectual and creative connections between course material and real-world business problems.

Below are descriptions of the courses you will take throughout the program. Please note that the actual course sequence is subject to change from one academic year to the next.

Summer Term in Durham

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  • Introduction to Financial Accounting

  • Quantitative Business Analysis

Fall Term 1 in Durham

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  • Introduction to Marketing Analysis

  • Foundations of Capital Markets

  • Business Communication I (begins in Summer and continues into Fall)

  • Fundamentals of Business Economics

Fall Term 2 in Kunshan

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  • Foundations of Corporate Finance

  • Fundamentals of Market Intelligence

  • Principles of Strategy

Spring Term 1 in Kunshan

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  • Spreadsheet Modeling and Decision Analysis

  • Business Communications II

  • Principles of Cost and Managerial Accounting

Spring Term 2 in Kunshan

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  • Foundations of Management and Organizations

  • Fundamentals of Financial Analysis

  • Introduction to Operations and Supply Chain Management