Duke - The Fuqua School of Business

Costs & Financial Aid

For Non-Chinese Students:

Tuition 49,900 USD (for 2016)
Health Insurance (including enrollment fee) and Health Fee 2,547 USD
Student Fees (MMS Association Fee, Graduate Student Activities Fee, Student Recreation Fee, Graduate Student Services Fee) 435 USD
Books & Course Packs 750 USD
Estimated Living Expenses (housing, food, travel) 18,396 USD
Total Cost of Attendance (COA) 72,028 USD

A detailed and complete listing of estimated fees and expenses is available on Fuqua's Financial Aid website.

Cost of Attendance (COA) is used to calculate your maximum Financial Aid eligibility. Certain expenses and situations may allow you to increase this total COA budget, including having a spouse, child(ren), and/or computer expenses. Many students work out financing arrangements up to the full cost of attendance, but each student must apply for aid to determine their own eligibility.

Financial Assistance

Merit Scholarships: Duke Kunshan University Admissions oversees the merit-based scholarship process. Merit scholarships are awarded based on a candidate's overall profile. Contact the Admissions Office at mms-dku-info@fuqua.duke.edu if you have questions about merit-based scholarships.


Tuition Payment Schedule for 2016-2017 Academic Year:

Tuition Amount Bursar Due Date
9,980 USD July 7, 2016
19,960 USD August 25, 2016
19,960 USD January 2, 2017

For Chinese Students:

Tuition 200,000 RMB (for 2016)
Study Away Fee  24,122 RMB
Housing in China 8,000 RMB
Estimated Other Living Expenses 61,636 RMB
Total Cost of Attendance (COA) 293,758 RMB

Study Away Fee includes optional on-campus housing at Duke University, Duke medical insurance, and Student Health fees, and other campus-based services.

Financial Assistance

Special financial aid will be offered to all Chinese students from mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan to lower the tuition standard. Additional scholarships of varying amounts will be available based on academic achievement and family financial circumstances. Applicants will be given an opportunity to submit supplemental financial information.


Tuition Payment Schedule for 2016-2017 Academic Year:

Tuition Amount Bursar Due Date
32,000 RMB July 7, 2016
64,000 RMB August 25, 2016
64,000 RMB January 2, 2017