We're your career planning backers. In the MMS: DKU program you're never alone in your job search. Our career coaches are dedicated to helping you find a career opportunity that will give you a front row seat to the industry and function which best utilize your business skills. Access to job search resources starts as soon as you begin the MMS: DKU program, continues through your US and China residencies, and remains available until you find a position fitting your interests.

We offer private coaching sessions, industry exploration symposia, alumnus-student mentorship opportunities, and more. In your first three terms as an MMS: DKU student you will access the same career resources and programs as our MMS: FOB students, and receive additional customized resources on site when your class begins its China residency.

On-site career services at Duke Kunshan University will include coaching, customized workshops, in-region corporate visits, and local alumni panels.