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Wondering what life is really like on our main campus in the USA? Read about student clubs and activities, our Team Fuqua culture, and what our city of Durham has to offer on The Duke MMS Student Blog.

Duke's Fuqua School of Business in Durham, North Carolina, isn't just your location for your US residency; it's your home. Durham, along with neighbouring Raleigh and Chapel Hill, is part of central North Carolina's Research Triangle Park area. Located in the center of the state, between beautiful mountains and sunny beaches, Durham offers the best of city, suburban, and rural living. Here, you can find a bustling downtown area, convenient suburban shopping, and the serenity of Duke Forest.

Rated one of the United States' most liveable areas and hottest places for business by Money, Fortune, Forbes, Entrepreneur magazines and others, the Triangle metropolitan area is home to more than 1.3 million people. It is one of the most well-educated areas in the US, with one of the highest PhDs-per-capita, thanks in part to four universities—Duke and North Carolina Central University in Durham; North Carolina State University in Raleigh; and the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill.

Learn more about our diverse state, Durham, and Duke and Durham as community partners. Once you read about it, you'll have to see it to believe it.

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