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A good leader knows how to follow, and the best teachers make great students. Welcome to "Team Fuqua."


To simulate today's corporate environment, we divide the student body in half, and then create smaller groups of 5 - 6 students—this is your new team. Hand-picked to maximize your potential for career success and personal growth, each team member has a different life and academic background. Crafted to both challenge and inspire you, our cohort-based model adds an additional level of education, enhancing your academic experience.

Leadership & Team Skills

Since much of your coursework is done collaboratively, you'll have to trust and depend on your teammates. As one part of a whole, you will develop leadership skills and learn how to work as a supportive member of a team, while benefiting from diverse talents, abilities, and perspectives. You'll get a taste of real-world interpersonal and team dynamics as you learn to navigate the challenges around working with different personalities, work styles, and expectations. By the end of the program, you'll motivate group members and constructively solve team conflict—two critical skills for a successful career in business.

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Teams and sections are assigned at the beginning of the program, and we provide a framework for group success with several days of orientation dedicated to teambuilding. You will develop a team charter to guide how your group operates. You will also participate in various team-building activities to not only learn how to effectively work with your classmates, but to also learn about your own strengths and weaknesses in leading a team. Specific team-building activities include spending a day at a ropes course where you will participate in experiential learning activities to develop problem solving and communication skills. And, during the Duke Basketball Experience, you will work directly with the highly-respected Duke coaching staff to learn about team dynamics and leadership on high performing teams.


At the start of Spring Term 1, you will be assigned to a new section and team. You will work together for the remainder of the program, which will further enhance your academic experience and allow you to interact with more classmates. 

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Monica T. says:
Once a member of Team Fuqua always a member of Team Fuqua. The network you build while at The Fuqua School of Business will prove invaluable in your career.

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