Duke - The Fuqua School of Business

Costs & Financial Aid

Here, you will find basic information about costs, scholarships, and financial aid for the MMS: FOB program; however, for detailed information and to apply for financial aid, visit the Financial Aid website.

For Students Starting the Program in 2017:



Estimated Medical Insurance & Other Fees $4,432
Estimated Educational Supplies  $1,000
Estimated Living Expenses $22,726
Total Cost of Attendance (COA) $79,308

View a detailed listing of estimated fees, supplies, and living expenses.

The Cost of Attendance (COA) is used to calculate your maximum Financial Aid eligibility. Certain expenses and situations may allow you to increase this total COA budget, including having a spouse, child(ren), and/or computer expenses. Many students work out financing arrangements up to the full cost of attendance, but each student must apply for aid to determine their own eligibility.

For more information about tuition due dates and the billing schedule please visit the University Bursar Office website.

Scholarships & Financial Aid:  

Aid Types Eligibility
Merit-Based Scholarships All MMS applicants are automatically considered for scholarships
Various Loans US Citizens and Permanent Residents
International Student Loan Program (no co-signer needed) International Students


Visit the Financial Aid website for more information about financing your education.