Duke - The Fuqua School of Business

Business Communication Courses

Market yourself successfully by developing brand "you." Our Business Communications I and II courses teach the most important career development lesson: how to market yourself and how to do it well.  These intensive courses focus on personal brand and include resume, cover letter, and personal development as well as company outreach, interviewing skills, and job search tools.

Tyler L. Says:
If you enter an elevator with a top-business executive at the ground floor can you convince them to hire you before you reach the penthouse? After taking Business Communications I, you’ll have the skills to make a persuasive personal elevator pitch.
The Career Management Center Says:
Your friends aren’t the only ones checking out your Facebook status. Is your online image in line with your personal brand?

Beatriz Xavier, '14, now part of the Engineering Management Acceleration Program at Dresser-Rand Company, shares how the MMS degree teaches the soft skills.