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Mallory Mooser, MMS: FOB Class of 2011

Mallory Mooser

"As part of the Business Communication Course, I worked with an MBA alumnus who mentored me through the development of my resume and cover letter. I honestly think that my resume is 75 percent better because of his input. His advice was especially helpful because he works in consulting, which is the field I'm targeting. He was very candid and told me exactly what to expect from employers. I can also tell that he wants me to succeed. He called me the day before our resumes were due to see if I had any final questions, and he continues to encourage me in my job search. I am so thankful to have his help throughout this process."

Market yourself successfully by developing brand "you." Our Business Communications I and II courses teach the most important career development lesson: how to market yourself and how to do it well.  These intensive courses focus on personal brand and include resume, cover letter, and personal development as well as company outreach, interviewing skills, and job search tools.

Tyler L. Says:
If you enter an elevator with a top-business executive at the ground floor can you convince them to hire you before you reach the penthouse? After taking Business Communications I, you’ll have the skills to make a persuasive personal elevator pitch.

Personal Branding: How well can you tell a story? Believe it or not, the art of storytelling could be the differentiating factor between you and another candidate during the interview process. Your ability to connect to a listener communicates a sense of who you are, what value you add, and where you're heading. Our career development can help you create a storyline that ends in achievement.

The Career Management Center Says:
Your friends aren’t the only ones checking out your Facebook status. Is your online image in line with your personal brand?

Develop Your Toolset: Creating a resume and cover letter is just the first step to finding a career. Learn how to set up informational interviews with companies by crafting effective outreach strategies and explore frameworks for conducting informational interviews that maximize your chances of landing a formal interview.

Mock Interviewing: Prepare for anything an interviewer may throw at you. Different interview methods require specialized interview preparation. For example, during a case interview, an interviewer presents you with information about a company and a problem they're facing before asking you to come up with a solution. We teach you how to answer these kinds of questions by creating logical structures, using data, and communicating persuasively.

Additional Course Topics

  • Self-assessment
  • Social media branding
  • Identifying prospective employers
  • Creating a job search business plan
  • Developing elevator pitches
  • Interviewing and networking techniques
  • Cultivating references
  • Creating effective PowerPoint presentations
  • Business etiquette and dressing for success
  • Business ethics and career code of conduct
  • Job offer evaluation and negotiation

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