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Career Planning

Main Industries of Interest to MMS: FOB Students:

Financial Services
Consumer Goods
Social Impact

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There are many paths to success; we help you find the one that's right for you. The MMS: FOB experience is a journey of self-discovery. Our career coaches help you apply career-planning strategies to your passion to help you get the job you want. 

During our career development process, you receive dedicated, hands-on attention from our career coaches. We go well beyond the general advisement you may have received in an undergraduate setting. We coach you through career options, review and provide feedback on resumes and cover letters, and teach you the job search skills needed to land a position right after graduation.

Our phased approach to career development involves:

  • Exploration/Self Assessment: After completing a detailed self-assessment of your skills, talents, and career goals, you will work with a CMC coach to interpret the assessment and begin building a career development plan. Assess your professional aspirations using Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and CareerLeader assessments.
  • Preparation: Learn about personal branding, resume development, and methods to best position yourself to potential employers.
  • Implementation: After sharpening your job search skills, practice them during interactive networking events and mock interviews.
  • Lifelong Support: Our alumni career services provide continued support through technology, outreach, and individual assistance.

There's no expiration date on what you learn while attending Fuqua. The skills you gain during the career development process can be used throughout your career.

See sample resumes and cover letters.