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Kumayl Khaleeli (Daytime MBA '08)

VP, Corporate Development & Strategy, Suntrough Energy

Kumayl Khaleeli

"The Career Advisor for MMS (CAM) program was a fantastic experience. My first year with the program, I advised 3 students on how to present their resume as a personal story interwoven with their accomplishments, not just as a list of their actions. For me personally, I find enjoyment in giving support, structure, and guidance to someone's job search. The students put as much effort into the experience as I did."

Josh Cohen (Daytime MBA '07)

Director, Business Development, TransLoc

Josh Cohen

"Mentoring MMS students who are starting their career search provides a tangible way for me to contribute to the school. Through the Career Advisor for MMS (CAM) program, I provide resume, cover letter, and interview guidance to MMS students. It creates a unique mentoring relationship between MMS students and other Fuqua alumni."

Once a part of Team Fuqua, always a part of Team Fuqua. Welcome to a network of more than 19,000. As a member of the Fuqua family you inherit friends in the corporate world dedicated to helping Duke and you succeed in your job search. Plus, our faculty, research centers' staff, and board members are extremely supportive in connecting you to potential employers. 
Tyler L. Says:
Want to see the "Team Fuqua" machine at its best? Engage your new network in the job search. Connect through Fuqua's alumni directory (available after you become a student) and keep your LinkedIn profile current.

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