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Jeffrey Young, MMS: FOB Class of 2011

Jeffrey Young

"The alumni advisor program provided the best preparation for my job search. I was paired with an extremely caring and knowledgeable personal mentor—an MBA alumna—who was very dedicated to providing assistance and advice. It was invaluable in getting me ready for the recruiting season."

Career Coaches

We coach you to career success. Fuqua's professional career counselors guide you to the career opportunity that fits your interests and skills. They are available for one-on-one coaching by appointment or during walk-up hours when you can chat informally.

Alumni Advisor

Close to 50 alumni volunteers work with students one-on-one through our Career Advisor for MMS (CAM) program. These alumni share their first-hand experiences and help you to hone your resume and cover letter, and build your interviewing skills through mock interviews. Learn more about the alumni network.

Palak B. Says:

If there’s one thing that I loved the most about my CAM experience, it’s knowing that MMS alumni, as well as Fuqua alumni in general, are always willing to help fellow colleagues.

Peer Counseling

At Fuqua, you'll be a mentor AND a mentee. We believe that one of the best ways to learn is by collaborating and sharing advice with your classmates. Below are some peer mentorship opportunities for students:

  • Job Search Teams: Small teams of students guided by a career counselor to share advice, support, and resources during the job search process.

  • Career Mentorship: MBA students and alumni volunteer to mentor MMS students, providing helpful advice and tips for the job search process and career opportunities. MBA students and alumni, who usually have a vast network, help connect MMS students to additional resources.

  • Career Chairs: Career Chairs serve as liaisons between students and Fuqua's Career Management Center. They listen and respond to student feedback to help improve the job search process. They also raise awareness of the program and assist with organizing corporate visits.

  • The Duke MMS Association (MMSA): Informal student mentoring is integrated in the MMSA and student clubs. To help you develop professional tools and skills, the MMSA organizes student-led, career-focused events where you'll receive firsthand advice. Past events include:
    • Guerilla Job Search Tactics
    • Effective and Efficient Networking
    • Discussions with MBA students who share their job search and career experience