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Prospective Student Referrals


Do you know someone who would benefit from a Duke business degree? 

Referrals are an important method of identifying prospective students for all of our business degree programs. They are the single most important source of prospective student contacts for our working professionals programs (Global Executive MBA, Cross Continent MBA, and Weekend Executive MBA). About 40% of all incoming students report an alumni connection to Duke University.

Clearly, leveraging your network and referring candidates to our Admissions Department is a vital way of continuing to build the Fuqua brand. We rely on our alumni to connect us with those interested in furthering their careers and their impact. Referrals enable our programs to continue to grow and thrive.

If you are interested in referring a student to Duke's Fuqua School of Business, here are resources that are designed to simplify that process.


Who Should I Refer?

We are always looking for talented individuals who have the ability to bring out strengths in others and move teams toward their goal, and who thrive in an environment with differing viewpoints. The opportunity to refer a prospective student can happen anywhere.

  • We do not consider a referral to be an endorsement, and our Admissions counselors are trained to identify the strengths and skills of individuals.  Therefore, feel free to refer anyone who has expressed interest in a Duke business degree. Non-traditional backgrounds are as valuable to us as traditional ones, and we have had many successful students who have spent time in the military, working for the Peace Corps or Teach for America, or in entrepreneurial endeavors.  In short, let us determine the fit with Fuqua.

  • For Working Professional MBA Programs: Duke is always looking for working professionals with strong work experience, team orientation, demonstrated leadership, and a desire to work hard. If you believe your know someone who would have been a good fit on your Fuqua MBA team, we would definitely like to know about them.

    For Master of Management Studies Programs: Recent college graduates with less than two years' work experience who are team-oriented, demonstrated leaders, and have a strong work ethic are candidates for the MMS programs. Typically, those with general undergraduate business degrees find the program to review and add breadth to concepts they have already learned; those with degrees in other disciplines find the program to be an excellent complement to their undergraduate degree.

    For our Full-time MBA Program: Duke is looking for leaders with technical competence, team-orientation, a strong moral compass. Strong candidates are smart, curious and are looking to collaborate in a team setting with a diverse set of peers from all over the world.

  • The prospect's name, email address and, ideally, phone number are sufficient for Admissions to reach out to them.

How do I provide accurate program information?

We are continuously improving our degree programs to take advantage of new opportunities and capabilities as well as to respond to student feedback, so it's likely that the program you remember has changed. Here is the most up-to-date program information:

  • The chart below describes the basic elements of each program and what we typically look for in terms of student age and prior work experience.



    Cross Continent

    Weekend Executive

    Global Executive

    Average Age 29 years 30 years 36 years 39 years
    Average Work Experience 5 years 6 years 11 years 15 years
    Start Date July July May July
    Duration 22 months 17 months 19 months 15 months
    Concentrations 14 options 5 options 5 options 5 options
    Certificates 2 options 1 option 1 option 1 option
    Joint Degree Options 5 n/a n/a n/a
    Locations Duke University, Durham, NC

    Duke University, Durham, NC
    Distance Learning: Latin America; China; India; and Europe

    25 Alternating Weekends at Duke University, Durham, NC

    Duke University, Durham, NC
    Distance Learning: Latin America; China; India; and Europe

  • A referral conversation may cover any or all of these topics:

    • The opportunities that having a Duke business degree brings. These include:
      • Getting ahead of the competition
      • Moving into a leadership position
      • Changing industry or function
      • Changing company
    • Your reasons for getting a Duke MBA
    • Your experience as a Fuqua student
      • Your experience with instructors
      • The content of your most impactful course
      • The course content
      • Your favorite team project
      • Connections you established with your classmates
    • The value your Duke MBA has brought to you
  • Here are some of the benefits that all Fuqua business degrees offer:

    • All offer degrees from Duke University
    • All courses are taught by Fuqua's world-renowned faculty
    • All benefit from access to the 20,000 and growing Fuqua alumni network
    • All have cohort-based learning experiences
    • All provide life-time access to the Career Management Center
  • There is no need to remember or search for program tuition and costs. It's always best to refer the candidate to the website, with the explanation that when you are considering a Fuqua program, it might seem expensive but the value you gain in life and career makes it a worthwhile investment.  Our counselors can then address any specific questions the candidate may have with a view to their personal circumstances.

Thank you for your assistance in identifying prospective students for our future Fuqua classes!