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The more perspectives we see, the better our solutions will be. As a global business school, we value difference greatly. Our environment was created to sustain and promote the interchange of ideas and cultures for the purpose of intellectual, personal, and professional growth and innovation.

At Duke and Fuqua, we have a longstanding commitment to diversity in all its forms: opinion, age, ethnicity, gender, race, belief, and talent. Learning from people with different perspectives enables you to define your own ideas and understand those of others. And in business, the more you know the more successful you'll be.

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Minority Alumni Advisory Board Members

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Minority Alumni Community

Numbering more than 19,000, Fuqua has one of the most proactive, responsive, and accessible alumni communities of any top business school.

Fuqua’s Minority Alumni Advisory Board was created to provide a formal structure for nurturing, growing, and capitalizing on the resources of the underrepresented minority community. The board paves the way for continued diversity at Fuqua by:

  • Providing strategic guidance for the school
  • Participating in admissions initiatives to encourage minority applicants
  • Assisting minority students with the career search process
  • Engaging with minority students through student club activities
  • Working to increase philanthropy and involvement from minority alumni

Cultivating Diversity at Fuqua

The student government, the MMS Association (MMSA), oversees a number of student clubs with a focus on fostering diversity. You can take on leadership roles, expand your network, increase your professional opportunities, or simply have fun by participating in one of these clubs. If you don't find a club that meets your interests, you're encouraged to start a new one.

We also partner with a variety of external organizations that help us strengthen and promote our diverse community, including: