Duke - The Fuqua School of Business

Jordan Davidson

Class of 2010

I couldn't read a financial statement before the MMS program...Now, I can review financial statements and am able to tell in a snapshot how healthy a company is. I use the tools I learned at Fuqua daily.

Team Principles Apply On and Off the Court

I came to Duke because I felt like it provided the best mix of academics and athletics. And, obviously, the opportunity to play for Coach K factored into my decision, however it was actually the whole package that Duke offered.

Playing for Coach K was an unbelievable experience. It's something I'll cherish forever and will draw on every day of my life. He single-handedly taught me more than anybody else. He's huge on teamwork, and I put those lessons to use in the MMS program, too. No matter your position or status on the team, everyone is equally important to the team.

I came into the MMS program with a solid understanding of group dynamics, and I knew what I could bring to the table, like my interpersonal skills and ability to work hard. In basketball and in the MMS program, the principles of teamwork are the same.

Give and Take to Grow

I continued to play basketball during the MMS program. Having those two commitments took up a lot of time, so there had to be give and take from both sides. My professors and coaches were incredibly considerate and flexible.

My teams at Fuqua were also completely understanding of my schedule. They didn't mind meeting at odd hours at night or on Saturdays. I couldn't have asked for better people to work with. Both of my teams were well balanced in terms of skills and subject matter expertise, so we were well prepared to take on challenges. We worked well together and everyone pulled their weight. One of the biggest lessons I learned was that you shouldn't stereotype or judge your teammates, because they will almost always surprise you. As time goes on, people's roles change, so don't lock someone into a role. You have to let everyone explore and grow.

Part of the reason I loved my time at Duke and Fuqua was because it's full of motivated, brilliant people. I love being around driven people, and the camaraderie was my favorite part of the program. We were all in the same boat. We formed strong friendships right away, which I think will be lasting. My friends and family—including my Duke family—are all very important to me.

Mock Interview Increases Comfort Under Pressure

I never had a professional interview before, so I participated in a mock interview during the first few weeks of the program. We were divided into groups of 3 students and interviewed each other; and then we were interviewed by one of the career coaches. It was the first time I had to formulate my thoughts about a career and put them down on paper.

An interview process is not really a natural thing because you have to sell yourself. But because I had practiced interviewing, by the time I sat down with Goldman, it felt like I had been there before. I had a level of comfort that I would not have had otherwise.

From Novice to Professional Analyst

I'm an equity sales analyst in the securities division at Goldman Sachs where I interface with institutional clients like hedge funds and mutual funds to sell equity products for their portfolios. I analyze financial statements daily.

I couldn't read a financial statement before the MMS program and my financial accounting course, one of the toughest courses I took at Fuqua. Now, I can review financial statements and am able to tell in a snapshot how healthy a company is, using the tools I learned at Fuqua. The MMS program meant everything to me. It gave me a chance to go into a field that I, previously, didn't know much about. The program gave me base knowledge to build on, and I wouldn't trade the experience for anything in the world.