Master of Management Studies

The Master of Management Studies (MMS) degree provides basic entry-level business skills to students with little to no prior career experience. The MMS curriculum covers 15 business courses (a total of 43 credit units) taught over 5 terms that are 6 weeks each.

Two MMS program formats are available: The MMS: Foundations of Business program (MMS: FOB) and the MMS: Duke Kunshan University program (MMS: DKU).

Program Overlap

The two programs share one curriculum covering all of the foundational areas of business. Initial skill-building in communications as well as career development activities are identical across the two programs. Students in MMS: FOB and MMS: DKU spend the first 3 terms blended together as one global MMS cohort in Durham, NC, to enhance opportunities for teamwork and networking. Team changeover will take place after the third term. MMS: FOB students will remain in Durham to complete their degree while the MMS: DKU cohort will travel to China for the final two terms and graduation.


It is important that you understand which MMS program is the best fit for your interests and goals, before you apply. Connect with our admissions counselors who can help you determine which MMS program is the right fit for you.

  • You may only apply to one of the two MMS programs in an application year. 
  • Your application cannot be transferred to the other program.
  • You cannot switch programs while you are a student.  





The MMS: FOB program provides a jumpstart into the business world and a leg up on the graduating competition. Students can choose to participate in an optional Global Academic Travel Experience (GATE) to China as an opportunity for exposure to a second key player in the game of global business.

The MMS: DKU program is ideal for Chinese students looking to enhance their training from a world-class business school or individuals from outside China who seek a truly immersive experience in China, and who may have career aspirations in the region. The program is conducted in English, and Mandarin proficiency is not needed.

Program Format: Students spend 5 terms over 10 months studying on our US campus in Durham, NC.

Program Format: Students spend the first 3 terms on the US campus in Durham, NC, and then move to China to complete their degree on the Duke Kunshan University campus.

Curriculum: Business foundations and general management.

Curriculum: Business foundations and general management.

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Contact Admissions Counselor:

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