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Fuqua Faculty Member Wins Award

October 04, 2000

Fuqua's very own Gerardine DeSanctis was recognized last month at Duke University's Founder's Day convocation. DeSanctis was presented with the 2000 University Scholar/Teacher of the Year Award, an honor given to only one Duke University teacher/scholar per year. The award, which was established in 1981, recognizes outstanding faculty members for their contributions to teaching, research and service to Duke and the community.

Since her arrival at Fuqua in 1994, DeSanctis has displayed a commitment to excellence in teaching and mentoring students on a daily basis. She excels in both the quality of her course content and the quality of her interaction with students. Additionally, she is a tremendous source of strength for the faculty. She is a core faculty member in The Duke MBA - Global Executive program and also teaches in The Duke MBA (daytime) and The Duke MBA - Weekend Executive programs. She encourages and mentors the younger faculty members and leads by example in her dedication to collegiality and high ethical standards.

DeSanctis' research and consulting have been no less outstanding. Her clients have included private industry as well as nonprofit and government organizations. In addition, she is one of the most heavily cited and influential scholars in the field of management information sciences.

In 1998, she received the NationsBank Award, an annual award given to a Fuqua faculty member for outstanding contributions to teaching, research and service. In addition, the 1998 graduating class of The Duke MBA - Weekend Executive named her the Outstanding Teacher in that program.

The staff, faculty and students of Fuqua would like to congratulate Professor DeSanctis on this highly deserved award.