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Fuqua Faculty Member Receives Award

November 16, 2000

At a recent INFORMS conference in San Antonio, Fuqua professor and associate dean, Jim Smith, won the 2000 Publication Award from the Decision Analysis Society. The award was for his paper, "Evaluating Income Streams: A Decision Analysis Approach," which appeared in Management Science in 1998.

The 2000 Publication Award is given annually to the best publication in the field of decision analysis. The award is based on work done during the previous two years.

Prior to this award, Smith won the DAS Publication Award three times, and is the first three-time winner. He won the award in 1995, 1997 (with Bob Nau), and 2000. Fuqua professor, Bob Clemen is also a two-time winner of this award.

The staff, faculty and students of Fuqua would like to congratulate Jim Smith on this award.