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Fuqua’s Teradata Center Appoints Directors

September 24, 2002

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Rick Staelin



DURHAM, N.C. -- Richard Staelin, deputy dean of Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business, has been named executive director of the Teradata Center for Customer Relationship Management at Duke.

Ruth Fornell, chief marketing officer of NCR’s Teradata division, and Bill Boulding, professor of marketing at Fuqua, have been appointed co-directors of the center.

The research center was established in September 2000 at Duke through a partnership with Teradata, a division of NCR Corporation. Its overarching goal is to facilitate and disseminate academic research of customer relationship management (CRM). The center funds research, produces case studies and papers, develops curricula and generates data sets for sharing with other institutions and industry.

The CRM field encompasses the strategies and tools used by companies to identify, differentiate and interact with their customers. It involves data collection, mass customization and tracking storage and management. Although labeled primarily under marketing, CRM has ramifications for other fields such as supply chain management, finance and computer science.

Staelin, who has served as co-director of the center since its inception, is the Edward and Rose Donnell Professor of Business Administration at Fuqua. He served as associate dean for faculty affairs at Fuqua from 1984 until July 1991, followed by a two-year position as executive director of the Marketing Science Institute in Cambridge, Mass. Prior to his current role as Fuqua’s deputy dean, Staelin was also managing director of Fuqua’s Global Executive MBA program and associate dean for executive education.

Before her current position at NCR’s Teradata division, Fornell served as executive assistant to NCR Chairman and CEO Lars Nyberg, where she was responsible for supporting such functions as strategy development and communication. Fornell has worked for NCR since 1985, holding a variety of positions with increasing responsibility, primarily in marketing and strategic planning. Fornell also served as the director of strategy for the company’s data warehousing business.

Boulding is the area coordinator for Fuqua’s marketing faculty and the academic program director for the Marketing Leadership Forum executive program. His research has been published in numerous marketing and management journals, and he is a co-winner of the 1998 William F. O’Dell Award for the Journal of Marketing Research article that made the most significant long-run contribution to the marketing discipline.
Along with Staelin, Fornell and Boulding, the other two members of the center’s leadership team are co-director and Fuqua adjunct professor Martha Rogers, partner and co-founder of Peppers and Rogers Group, and managing director Sanyin Siang.

“Rick Staelin’s continued leadership in tandem with the strategic thinking of Ruth Fornell, Bill Boulding, and Martha Rogers, makes for a remarkable and powerful combination,” said Siang. “With this new leadership team, the business community will benefit from the continued impact of the center in the field of customer relationship management.”

For more information about the Teradata Center for Customer Relationship Management, visit http://www.teradataduke.org.