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Teradata Center for CRM Hires Managing Director

July 17, 2002

Sanyin Siang joined Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business as Managing Director for its Teradata Center

DURHAM, N.C. -- On June 24, Sanyin Siang joined Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business as Managing Director for its Teradata Center for Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

The multi-million dollar research center was established in September 2000 through a partnership with Teradata, a division of NCR Corporation. Its overarching goal is to "prioritize, facilitate and disseminate” academic research and curriculum design aimed at forwarding CRM as a science. The Center currently funds research, produces case studies and papers, develops curricula and generates data sets for sharing with other institutions and industry. The findings and products could shift the way corporations, students and academics view marketing.

Although various organizations exist internationally for studying the field, the Teradata Center is the only one based at a leading academic institution. Through its intellectual resources and unique business partnership, it is able to merge intellectual leadership with practical experience.

"Duke has always been on the cutting-edge, creating programs such as our Global Executive MBA and our Cross-Continent MBA, that enables it to be a model for other institutions to follow," stated Siang. "The Teradata Center is an example of Fuqua’s innovative spirit, backed by energy, vision, and the leading business scholars in the world. I am excited about working with these academic superstars and the Teradata Division of NCR to harness the momentum generated in this field."

The CRM field encompasses the strategies and tools used by companies to identify, differentiate and interact with their customers. It involves data collection, mass customization and tracking storage and management. Although labeled primarily under marketing, it has ramifications for other fields such as supply chain management, finance and computer science.

"Since its inception, the Center has established itself as the intellectual leader for research and curriculum design. We are delighted that Sanyin has joined us and will be helping to impact the field of CRM,” commented Richard Staelin, Co-Director for the Center, Deputy Dean and the Edward and Rose Donnell Professor of Business Administration at Fuqua.

Siang comes to Duke from the American Association for the Advancement of Science, in Washington, DC where she managed projects that convened thought leaders in academia, government, and industry to examine science ethics and policy issues. She co-chairs the Info-Structure Security Dialogue, a group of government representatives, industry leaders and lawyers working to resolve IT and national security issues and sits on the editorial board of Clinical Researcher, an international research journal. Siang is a graduate of Duke twice over. While at AAAS, Siang joined Fuqua's inaugural Cross Continent MBA class and earned her business degree. A former Angier B. Duke Scholar, she received her Biomedical Engineering degree from the School of Engineering.

For more information about the Teradata Center for Customer Relationship Management, visit http://faculty.fuqua.duke.edu/teradatacenter.