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News Release

John W. Payne Named Deputy Dean

May 10, 2004

DURHAM, N.C. - John W. Payne, a 27-year veteran of Duke University's Fuqua School of Business, has been named the school's deputy dean, Fuqua Dean Douglas T. Breeden announced Tuesday.

John W. Payne

Payne, the Joseph J. Ruvane Jr. Professor of Management and Marketing, previously held the position from 2000-02. It is the second-highest ranking leadership position in the school.

He succeeds Richard Staelin, the Edward and Rose Donnell Professor of Business Administration whose two-year term in the post ends June 30. Staelin will return to teaching, research and helping direct the Teradata Center for Customer Relationship Management at Fuqua.

"Rick Staelin performed the job exceedingly well, as he has in numerous leadership positions with the school in his 22 years here," Breeden said. "Probably his most important contribution in this stint was to take over where John Payne had begun in building the size and depth of our faculty to a significantly higher level."

In the last three years, Fuqua's number of tenure-track faculty grew from 70 to 99. Plans are for the faculty to grow to 120 members in about five years and to about 130 in 10 years, Breeden said.

"What has been so gratifying is that under John's and Rick's watch as head of our faculty, our newest members are coming from other giants of business education, such as Stanford, Wharton, Chicago and Carnegie Mellon," Breeden said.

Payne led the creation of the school's previous strategic plan for 2000-2005. In addition to continuing to build the faculty, which was a cornerstone of that plan, Payne will focus on implementing Fuqua's new
strategic plan for 2004-2009. He will also continue teaching behavioral decision making to Fuqua's Ph.D. students and conducting research. His research and teaching focus on understanding and improving decision making.

"The entire Fuqua community appreciates what Rick has done in leading the faculty once again, so I will be following a success," Payne said. "Even after 27 years, I am still excited about the Fuqua School of Business. I am really looking forward to continuing the momentum we have created here.

"The faculty hiring has been a tremendous success, and we will continue the effort to add depth and quality to our already outstanding faculty, although at a slower pace because we have been so successful and therefore are ahead of schedule," Payne added.

Payne's term as deputy dean begins July 1.