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Professor Bob Clemen Helps Advise EPA on Regulatory Procedures

August 22, 2007

A distinguished National Research Council committee including Professor Bob Clemen has completed a significant report for the Environmental Protection Agency. The report, entitled Models in Environmental Regulatory Decision Making, advises the EPA on the development of  guidelines and a vision of the selection and use of models, recommending that the agency regularly evaluate its computational models used in establishing regulations. The EPA uses mathematical and computer models in a number of ways, from predicting the environmental impact of pollutants to evaluating the costs and benefits of regulation proposals.

"The report aims to help the EPA do a better job in using mathematical models," said Professor Clemen. "Much of the report focuses on model evaluation. We developed the idea of a model life-cycle and showed how model evaluation should evolve throughout a model's life-cycle."

Through public workshops and other means, the committee considered cross-discipline issues related to model use, performance evaluation, peer review, uncertainty, and quality assurance/quality control. The final report
is available online at http://books.nap.edu/catalog.php?record_id=11972.