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Statement of Douglas T. Breeden, Dean, The Fuqua School of Business, April 27, 2007

April 26, 2007

 If you walk into any classroom at Fuqua, you will see posted the preamble to the school’s Honor Code, which states the following:

“Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business is a community of scholars and learners, committed to the principles of honesty, trustworthiness, fairness, and respect for others.”

We place these words prominently in our classrooms because they represent our core values as an institution. They serve as a daily reminder to students that they share with faculty and staff a personal responsibility to promote integrity in both their academic and non-academic endeavors. One of the exceptional things about Fuqua is how its students come from so many countries and cultures, uniting as a community around a set of common principles that the Honor Code expresses clearly and eloquently.

A copy of the code and its procedures can be found at:  http://www.fuqua.duke.edu/admin/stuserv/student_affairs/hnrcode.html.

Fuqua depends on every member of its community to uphold the code in both spirit and action. This is why we require, as a condition for enrollment, that all students acknowledge their personal acceptance of the code.

Accordingly, we treat allegations of Honor Code violations very seriously and have established procedures in place to consider such allegations.  On April 26th, Fuqua’s Judicial Board, following the procedures set forth in the Honor Code, found 34 members of our first-year class guilty of cheating in a required first-year course.  Nine of the students received a penalty of expulsion, 15 received a one-year suspension and a failing mark in the class involved, nine received a failing mark in the class and one received a failing mark on an assignment.

It is important to emphasize that the students have a right to appeal their convictions and penalties, and no final determination about guilt or innocence can be made until the appeal process is concluded.  Consistent with Duke University’s policy, the students are allowed to continue in classes and take exams throughout the appeals process.
We expect this process to take approximately one month.