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Advanced Management Program Uses Immersive Experiences

Advanced Management Program Uses Immersive Experiences

Past AMP sessions have included mock protests to illustrate the challenges senior executives may face.

May 20, 2008

DURHAM, N.C. –- Participants run basketball drills on the Duke Blue Devil's home court as coaches bark out commands; make legal arguments before a real judge; compete to file stories with a prize-winning journalist; and take lessons from a fighter pilot.

The term "Metaphoric Experience™" learning method isn't heard in most business education programs. On the other hand, the Advanced Management Program (AMP) of Duke University's Fuqua School of Business isn't like most business education programs. Such immersive experiences are geared toward relevant, tangible results; participants experiment with new behaviors, skills and perspectives in an unfamiliar but compelling context, outside their traditional environment. People analyze problems more creatively and quickly connect the dots to put their new skills into business practice. 

AMP aims to help senior business leaders from leading companies and organizations from around the world address the fundamental issues of a complex global economy: the broad scope of innovation and technology, social challenges faced by rapidly emerging financial powers, an evolving international political landscape. Experiential learning helps AMP executives to develop insights about issues that may dictate the success or failure of a business - or an entire economy.

There were more traditional sages, too. Among the speakers were acclaimed business advisor and author Ram Charan, whose book titles hint at the breadth of his expertise: The Eight Skills that Separate Those Who Perform from Those Who Don't; What the CEO Wants You to Know: How Your Company Really Works; Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done . Students also heard from Bob Rosen, celebrated author, speaker and authority on business leadership among high performance organizations. Rosen directs the Global Leadership Forum, a research program studying top CEOs around the world to identify strategies and practices that fuel success.

In addition to sessions offering insights from renowned business authorities, the experiential workshops take participants outside the realm of traditional classroom instruction to make learning "stick." Attendees at the spring 2008 AMP sessions took to the basketball court of the revered Cameron Indoor Stadium for a hands-on lesson in team-building and leadership; the journalism exercise placed them in the role of reporters finding an angle on a civilization's impact on business in the future; a mock trial cast them as lawyers arguing about the role of corporations in solving (and exacerbating) global crises; and an exciting session led by a U.S. military fighter pilot provided unique lessons on discipline, focus and execution.

AMP is a collaboration of Duke's Fuqua School of Business and the world's leading customized executive education producer, Duke Corporate Education, which invented the Metaphoric Experience™ learning method. AMP takes advantage of Duke Corporate Education's intelligence about business needs accrued from their daily practice with firms across the world.

The AMP sessions have been specifically designed for senior managers and executives with at least fifteen years of professional experience and responsibility for corporate or divisional strategy and implementation. Participants learn and collaborate with colleagues from a variety of industries and international organizations.

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