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Duke's Fuqua School of Business Announces Multinational Growth Plan

An innovative expansion plan that will establish a network of campuses around the world

The Long Twins
September 14, 2008

Note to editors: The announcement of the global initiative will take place at 12:45 p.m. Monday, Sept. 15, in The Fox Student Center at The Fuqua School of Business, on Duke's West Campus. Media can view Fuqua's global expansion announcement via Internet webcast here .

DURHAM, N.C. -- Duke University's Fuqua School of Business will announce on Monday an innovative expansion plan that will establish a network of campuses around the world to conduct research and deliver programs.

This network will embed and connect Duke's research and teaching activities in key economic and cultural centers of the world: New Delhi, India; St. Petersburg, Russia; Dubai, UAE; London, UK; and Shanghai, China, as well as on Duke's campus in Durham.

Partnerships with individuals, municipalities and organizations will facilitate the simultaneous launch of the business school's campuses in each of these five regions. In addition to establishing the business school in each of these regions, the expansion plan includes current or future participation from other parts of Duke University, including the Nicholas School of the Environment, the Duke Global Health Institute and the Sanford School of Public Policy.

"Through this program, The Fuqua School of Business is rethinking the boundaries of business school," said Duke University President Richard H. Brodhead. "Duke's ambitions to broaden Duke's engagement with the world and connect our intellectual resources with each other, and with the great issues of the day, are exciting and innovative. What starts today with business education will continue as Duke extends its global reach and aspirations."  

Fuqua Dean Blair Sheppard noted the significant shift in business education represented by the school's global initiative.

"With the simultaneous launch of our new international locations, Fuqua will be the first truly global business school, shaped and driven by the fundamental issues of our time," Sheppard said. "The depth of our activities in each location ensures we will become truly embedded in each region. By engaging with these regions through education and research, we will be able to examine the world's opportunities and problems, explore interdependencies between regions, create solutions to address world issues, and prepare practitioners to be change agents and informed leaders."

Fuqua's new global plans call for a significant presence in each location rather than the casual affiliations that define the international programs of most U.S. business schools, Sheppard said. Each of Fuqua's regional campuses will support all Duke MBA programs, including the Executive MBA programs. Each also will include a Duke Corporate Education site or partnership, open enrollment executive education, at least two research centers and Fuqua faculty, as well as service learning activities tied to local needs. Duke's commitment to civic engagement will extend to these new initiatives.  

The leading activity in Fuqua's global expansion will be The Duke MBA - Cross Continent program, which begins in August 2009. This program will be held in each of the five regions before closing at the Duke campus in Durham, N.C. More details can be found here .

Sheppard cited Fuqua's collaborations with and connection to other schools within the university as key to enabling students and faculty to examine commercial problems through the lens of disciplines adjacent to business.

"Bringing to bear the resources of a great university puts us in a unique position to address problems across cultures and economies," Sheppard said. "Each of our regional engagements will include activities utilizing Fuqua's relationships with the School of Law, the Sanford School of Public Policy, the Nicholas School of the Environment, the School of Medicine, the Pratt School of Engineering and the Duke Global Health Institute."  

Robert McDonald, chief executive officer of Procter & Gamble and a member of the Fuqua Board of Visitors, called Fuqua's new global model a major step forward for business schools and the corporate sector.

"Fuqua is fundamentally changing business education to make it more relevant to the 21st century," McDonald said. "Strong partnerships with the most important firms in the world will ensure Fuqua develops globally effective leaders with the skills and innovative thinking needed in business today. Involving the business communities of the world's economic and cultural hubs will bring together learners, corporations, government entities and other organizations to address pressing global concerns."  

The expansion announcement was to take place Monday at Fuqua's campus in Durham, N.C., during a celebration highlighting the cultures of the school's new host countries. The festivities included food, dancing, and music for the assembled students, faculty, staff, and supporters of Fuqua.

The school's first regional partnership, with the Graduate School of Management in St. Petersburg, was to be announced at the launch event. Fuqua will announce its plans for the India location in October.  

For further information about the global initiative, visit Fuqua's web site .