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The Houses Fuqua Built

Incoming Daytime MBA students participate in Habitat for Humanity build in Durham.

August 21, 2009

The Houses Fuqua Built

By Chris Privett

The sight of a large crowd gathering in a parking lot raised the eyebrows of two gentlemen relaxing on a nearby porch.

One asked, "Is somebody giving away something free? Is there some kind of barbecue going on?"

"No, sir. They're Duke students," I said.

"Ah. Duke students. It must be a volunteer project," he responded.

Indeed it was.

Armed with hammers, nails, and even construction gloves stamped with The Fuqua School of Business logo, nearly 200 Fuqua students recently braved the August heat to offer their services for a Habitat for Humanity build project.

The first-year Daytime MBA students took part in Community Projects Day, organized by Fuqua's Center for the Advancement of Social Entrepreneurship (CASE). The volunteer effort included construction work on several homes in Durham neighborhoods that are undergoing revitalization.

"This is a fantastic opportunity for students to get involved in the world outside Duke and begin to give back to their new community," said Matthew Jaffe (Daytime MBA 2010), student chair of The House that Fuqua Built, a leadership development and community service partnership between the MBA Association, The Fuqua/Coach K Center of Leadership & Ethics (COLE), and Habitat for Humanity of Durham.

Service to the community is an essential part of the learning experience at Fuqua. The school has a longstanding relationship with Habitat for Humanity of Durham, offering a chance for students to have an immediate, tangible impact on the community surrounding Duke. At the same time, students participating in the building projects hone their leadership, team-building, and problem-solving skills.