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Real Conversations with Real Leaders: Robert Wilmers

The CEO of M&T Bank sits down with Fuqua to talk about leadership

November 13, 2013

It's not every day a leader gets the label "the good banker" from a tough New York Times columnist. But, that was the title of a profile story about Robert Wilmers written by Joe Nocera in 2011.

Nocera is among those who praise Wilmers for criticizing some current practices in the banking industry which Wilmers feels have caused banks to stray from the fundamentals of extending credit to enhance commerce.

Wilmers has been at M&T's helm since 1983.  He recently spoke at Fuqua's General Management Symposium. 

While on campus, he sat down for a Fuqua Q and A about everything from surviving the financial crisis to the importance of being involved in the community. Watch the video interview here.