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ARie Y. Lewin

Arie Y. Lewin, ORN's Lead Principal Investigator, is a distinguished international scholar, editor and author.
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The Offshoring Research Network (ORN) is a global network of renowned research universities, top scholars, and industry practitioners that provides unparalleled data on and insight into the globalization of services.

Founded at the Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER) at Duke University, the ORN regularly collects data from both Corporate Clients and Service Providers that inform and are informed by managerial practice worldwide. The ORN’s database covers large multinational, midsize, and small companies headquartered across the globe, including nearly 2,000 companies engaged in global sourcing and more than 700 service providers. Unlike other studies that monitor global sourcing, ORN surveys have tracked the evolution of offshoring practices since 2004 at the function, industry, and implementation levels. In the process, the ORN has become the most recognized international research network tracking the globalization of services.

ORN surveys have inspired a number of practitioner-oriented reports and presentations, news articles, and studies commissioned by ORN corporate members. In addition, the ORN provides education programs, workshops, webcasts, and advisory services.

Until 2008, the ORN survey project was funded by a federal grant through Duke’s Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER) and by private organizations. Since 2008, the ORN project has been financed primarily by private companies and business associations. The ORN is supported through founding member firms of the ORN's Senior Executive Industry Roundtable.